Electroformed Pendant

One of the newest techniques I have been playing with this year is electroforming or electroplating. That is a process where metal is deposited on a conductive surface using an electrical current in an electrolyte bath. 

It starts with my glass.

combined with copper, epoxy clay and microbeads for texture.

Next the non copper surfaces are painted with a conductive paint.

Into the blue electroforming solution below and connected to a battery.

12i-24 hours later I end up with a super shiny copper formed piece

Next comes the finishing and sealing and my piece is finished.



The balance f the power and

The balance f the power and services is very important in every country. If you can’t balance these things then the progress will be a very long road. Singapore sure is even praised by the www.rushmypapers.me because of its balance in all of its dealings.

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