Cat Drawing Sketch Tabby Focal Ivory on Pink Purple Luster Floral Pawprints Lampwork Bead Handmade Glass Heather Behrendt SRA



This is Abbey. She just wants to relax in the garden

Abbey is made from ivory glass left raised in a bas-relief style. Her tabby markings are created with silvered ivory and she is outlined in hairthin pieces of black stringer.

This handmade lampwork cat bead is made from a purple pink luster glass with tiny white flowers and a thick encasement of clear

Each one of these cat sketch beads is one of a kind. The designs are not painted on. They are drawn with hair thin pieces of glass called stringer. Each one starts as a design in my sketchbook and is translated into glass.

Measurements - 31.5mm x 32.5mm x 16mm thick at the thickest point

Hole Size - 2.5mm

Number of beads - 1

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All my beads are annealed in a computer controlled kiln for strength and durability, and cleaned with a diamond tipped dremel. These are handmade so there might be a slight variance in size.

My pictures are taken in a lightbox with an SLR camera to get the best representation of my work. There are still variances in monitors and so forth. If you have any questions or need more pictures, please let me know.

I am a member of The Bead Hive and a Self-Representing Artist. Thank you for your support and thanks for looking.