SRA Lampwork Marble Glass Marble Collectible Art Glass Horse Marble Animal Marble Contemporary Handmade Marble OOAK Heather Behrendt m11



Soft glass marble with a horse drawn in hairthin stringers freehand in the flame. The horse sits on a bed of lusterous creased blue and is covered in a heavy lens of clear to magnify. He has shading using silvered ivory and a soft wash of brown coloring using transparent overlay. The back of this marble is black with light ivory scrollwork and dots.

Measurements - 36mm

All my beads are annealed in a computer controlled kiln for strength and durability, and cleaned with a diamond tipped dremel. These are handmade so there might be a slight variance in size. My marbles are all made in soft glass, so they are much softer and have less surface tension when melted. Because of the handmade nature, there can be some imperfections and flat spots. I do get these as perfectly round as I can, but they are handmade.

My pictures are taken in a lightbox with an SLR camera to get the best representation of my work. There are still variances in monitors and so forth. If you have any questions or need more pictures, please let me know.

Thank you for your support and thanks for looking.